“I dreamt, I met a Galilean…”



Actually, was more like a vision…

So I decided last night to see if I could do have an OOB experience with Mary, like I used to do with Brigid. And I did, quite easily. I found myself walking in a field of flowers (oddly enough, dressed like HER!) with one of the most beautiful, gentle, patient, understanding woman you could ever imagine. As we were strolling under some sycamore trees, and I was telling her of the people whose prayers needed to be taken to heaven, that’s when I saw Jesus.

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The Great Mystery



Mass was lovely. Today was the celebration of Paul’s conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus. It was a pretty dramatic conversion :D

They’re actually doing the Rite of Dismissal for us RCIAers, so after the homily (which was given by our Deacon Gary, same guy who’s leading the RCIA class) and a coupla prayers, he made us all stand up so EVERYONE could see us and know to pray for us before we slinked out of the church to go to the Chapel to discuss the scripture reading.

There were a LOT of people there. It’s a big church anyway (2600 families), but usually the 12 o’clock service isn’t that crowded. It was pretty full! I’m guessing maybe 500- 700 people were there.

Last Thursday at RCIA class, one of the co-leaders (who went through the process last year) said something that I’ve heard a coupla times before, about how *hard* it gets, right before confirmation.  I dunno if it’s the vigil itself, the rite of penance we’ll have to go through, the whole Lenten season, or just a combination of it all. It’s all real hush-hush about why it actually IS hard.

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New Year, new changes!



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Just a quick note for all those who visited - The Old HeartsEase Site - as of the end of January, I’ll be taking the site down. So if there are articles, recipes, stories, what-not that you want - best go get them now! I just can’t see paying for the site, year after year, when I no longer use it. There might be one or two things I decide to keep and put over here, but probably most of it will dissapear into the internet etherspace.

With the new year comes new changes, and I can’t tell you how freeing it feels to clean house, get rid of old junk, and prepare for things to come. I can honestly say that I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life - with this new life. This is the year I’ll become a Catholic! I’m so excited about that I could just spit my teeth out (as one of my patients is fond of saying!)

It’s amazing the changes that come over folks once they’ve been graced by God. My best friend, also a new convert (about the same time as I actually) - got married on the 1st to a wonderful, spiritual, Godly man, and I just couldn’t be happier for them both. Together they are building a life filled with grace.

And not long ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting another young woman, who gave me an amazing testimony of her life.

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well, so much for *intolerant* Christians



Most US Christians define own theology

“The most striking divergence from orthodoxy, however, was first revealed in the 2007 US Religious Landscape Survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. That comprehensive survey of 35,000 Americans found a majority of Christians saying that people of other religions can find salvation and eternal life.

The poll confirms a broad rejection of religious exclusivity. Among all religious adults interviewed, 65 percent say many religions lead to eternal life and only 29 percent say theirs is the one true faith. Sixty-nine percent of all non-Jews say Judaism can lead to eternal life and 52 percent of non-Muslims say that of Islam.

Forty-two percent of religious Americans also say atheists are able to find eternal life.”

For the record, the official teaching of the Catholic Church is that Catholicism is NOT the only way to heaven, that we believe in the eternal grace and mercy of God, and that pretty much *anyone* struggling to find God (however one defines God) is likely to find God and get to heaven. This was taught to me in RCIA. We DO believe, however, that the Catholic Church more closely represents the true Church Christ had in mind.

I can grok it.

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